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The day I discovered vmtouch

  • Web site excerpt: IntroductionLast weekend I decided to take a deeper look at the famous SQLite 35% Faster Than The Filesystem benchmark. I didn't want to do a shallow read of the post. I wanted to compile the kvtest tool and run the experiments myself and see what is going on. I recommend

  • Link to site: The day I discovered vmtouch

Unlock the Potential of VS Code for Ruby Programming

  • Web site excerpt: Lots of up to date information on how to tune VS Code for the best Ruby experience. A guide to a free Ruby development environment. Author says: "If you’re like me and your RubyMine trial version expired, you’re probably relying on VS Code. While the former is an amazing tool, it comes behind a paywall, unfortunately. Hopefully, JetBrains will reconsider at some point and have a Community Edition, just like IntelliJ."

  • Link to site: Unlock the Potential of VS Code for Ruby Programming

ActivityPub RFC

  • Web site excerpt: The ActivityPub protocol is a decentralized social networking protocol based upon the [ActivityStreams] 2.0 data format. It provides a client to server API for creating, updating and deleting content, as well as a federated server to server API for delivering notifications and content.

  • Link to site: ActivityPub RFC