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6.3. Configuring Host Names Using hostnamectl Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 | Red Hat Customer Portal

Filed under: everything is more complicated than you think. I used to think I knew how to change the hostname of my robot. Well not so fast. Apparently there are various tools and daemons who make it their business to "reverse" certain changes that for some reason they deem necessary. Or something.


Very comprehensive collection of notes useful robotics. But caveat - I haven't quality controlled it. It looks good though.

  • Web site excerpt: The Wiki for Robot Builders.

  • Link to site: Contribute

Creating PDFs with Python and ReportLab's Canvas (Part I)

Always useful to know how to generate pdfs! The thought in my head: I still like Ruby a little better as a language. But Python shares with Ruby that it has a. absolutely huge ecosystem of useful packages.

  • Web site excerpt: ReportLab is a very powerful library. With a little effort, you can make pretty much any layout that you can think of. I have used it to replicate many complex page layouts over the years. In this tutorial, you will be learning how to use ReportLab’s

  • Link to site: Creating PDFs with Python and ReportLab's Canvas (Part I)

Beginners Guide to Udev in Linux - Ucartz Online Pvt Ltd

Udev Rules are a nightmare. Usually you don't have to deal with them but if you do, prepare to go deep into bit snd byte land. I have various guides here to help.

DuckDB as the New jq

A useful tool if you work with large quantities of json. Just letting you know!

  • Web site excerpt: Recently, I’ve been interested in the DuckDB project (like a SQLite geared towards data applications). And one of the amazing features is that it has many data importers included without requiring extra dependencies. This means it can natively read and parse JSON as a database table, among many other formats.

  • Link to site: DuckDB as the New jq

Pythagora-io/gpt-pilot: The first real AI developer

Interesting. There are more and more of these coming out. For now I doubt they work very well, in practice. However the trend is clear and they will get better and better. Are our jobs at risk? Only if we don’t learn how to use these tools to up our game. A graphic designer or photographer that decided to resist learning Photoshop and opposed its use in their profession is probably out of work now.

VSCode + WSL makes Windows awesome for web development

Me too. I also bought the M3 beats everything story. Still I have gotten programmed to really like the overall look of the macOS universe and be somewhat repelled by the windows look and feel. That’s just taste. But, the so called disadvantage of the macOS “walled garden” to me is a feature. That my contacts, calendar, desktop, email and all seamlessly stay in sync across my laptops, desktop, phone and tablet is a huge advantage that I totally rely on.

  • Web site excerpt: I’m kinda shocked. Windows actually got good for web developers. Between VSCode, WSL, and Intel’s latest desktop chips, I’ve been living with a PC for over a week that runs my programming tests faster than an M3 Max, ships with an excellent window manager out-the-box, and generally feels like a completely viable alternative to macOS fo...

  • Link to site: VSCode + WSL makes Windows awesome for web development