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5 Practical SQL CTE Examples

Just heard about CTE (Common Table Expressions). They are a feature of SQL. Not sure whether all SQLs or just Postgres. A way to refactor a complicated SQL statement into substagements.

  • Web site excerpt: In this article, we’ll go through several examples to see how SQL CTEs can help you with complex calculations and hierarchical data structures.

  • Link to site: 5 Practical SQL CTE Examples

pantor/ros-control-center: A web-based control center for ROS robots.

One of several ROS Web control panels. These are useful to allow you to monitor your robot from a computer that is not itself running ROS, or a phone or iPad.

How I stopped worrying and loved Makefiles

Great reminders on how and why to use the ancient and ubiquitous “make” tool.

  • Web site excerpt: First contact with make When I was invited for my first job interview in the IT, I’ve been asked such question: How would you typically build a program from sources, what commands will you use? I answered: It’s obvious: ./configure make make install Those times belong to the past now and nowadays not many programmers use GNU Make1. Try asking this question and you will see disgust at best. For many it’s the fist contact with make and often the last one, but not for me 😉

  • Link to site: How I stopped worrying and loved Makefiles