Bob Tedeschi on using RSS for travel information

Here's an interesting article in today's New York Times about how to get travel information in your your home page, like My Yahoo and others. This all hinges on RSS of course, which means you can bring your travel information into BlogBridge and other aggregators.

"Recently, these sites began allowing consumers to populate their home pages with similar information they'd find in e-mail newsletters, with two added benefits: all the relevant information from multiple sites appears on one page, instead of multiple e-mails, and the information is often considerably fresher, with several updates a week - or even a day." (from "There's a popular new code for Deals: RSS")

Take a look at the article, it's interesting. Here are some fun links that you can drag and drop into BlogBridge to follow travel specials.

One more thing: This is not just limited to travel deals. In fact many other shopping sites are providing Feeds for tracking deals. Here are some that I follow:

Now you can drag and drop any of these into your favorite aggregator, but I've also created a Reading List so you can simply keep an eye on my recommended shopping feeds. (Yes, a broken record 🙂 To use it, choose a Guide in BlogBridge, and in Guide Properties, Reading List, simply add this url to the list and you are in business. Each time I add a new one to the list, you will automagically get it! Technorati Tags: Bob Tedeschi, OPML, shopping, readinglists, RSS, travel