Geek Dinner? Harvard Square? February 15th? Should be fun!

Inspired by Geek Dinners popping up all over, we thought it might be fun to try it here. Who is "we"? Adam Green, who writes Darwinian Web, and yours truly who writes this Blog and also runs the BlogBridge project. Adam also has a Ruby Blog (he's been swallowed whole by Ruby) as well as a Mashup Blog. The third "we" is Mark Doerschlag.. What is this "geek dinner" thing? Well 3 guys inviting all their geek friends to hang out and geek out for a few hours. Each of us have almost non-overlapping networks so this is a chance for us to make new connections around town, and for you to do the same., This is like, totally totally informal! Anyone who reads this blog is invited. You don't have to be a geek, but you probably should like to hang out with them 🙂 Expect the crowd to be, well, you know, technical types. We have no idea whether it will be just the three of us (which would be a bit embarassing… ) or who else will come. As it is totally informal there are no startup, setup or other commitments. The space is borrowed (thanks RSSLabs and Bela!) , so, nothing ventured nothing gained as they say. So with no further ado, here are the coordinates. Location : 66 Church Street, Cambridge. (Near Fire and Ice) Time : 6:30 to 9:00pm Topics of discussion : Web 2.0, RSS, OPML, AJAX, Ruby, Mashups, Web Services, Startups, etc. RSVP : dinner at darwinianweb dot com Please come! Technorati Tags: adamgreen, geekdinner