2006 Fall Leadership Forum

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I am at the 2006 Fall Leadership Forum in Sonoma, CA. Wine is everywhere, even a free bottle in the hotel room. And all that wine and wine information is kind of squandered on me. So I won't talk about wine, but here are some tidbits from the conferenceā€¦

  • Check out PicLens, a Safari-only (so far) plug-in. It adds a very cool photo browsing experience to sites like Flickr.
  • Check out Mashery, a service that front ends other services that offer web APIs. It adds functionality for registering users, issueing API keys, etc. It is a service that would be offered to other companies that want to provide a web services API to get them off the ground more easily.
  • Check out IBLOKS a cool web site to create mix videos using your media files (images, videos, music.) I played with it for a couple of minutes and it looks quite interesting.
  • Check out Zoho.com a pretty amazing online, web based, 'office suite' that actually goes a good deal beyond 'Office' including things like Project Management, CRM and other stuff. I am impressed!
  • Finally, take a look at Jangl, "Communicate with anyone using your mobile phone, without ever exchanging phone numbers," now that's a good tag line because it explains clearly what it is.