fire at one broadway

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My buddies at had a real scare

today as our offices and the rest of the building was evacuated in a big
rush due to a terrible and terrifying explosion in the
basement. I was in California at the time and got word of this when
Brian called my cell phone while I was in a meeting. All the folks are back home and ok now, but some actually had to go to the hospital for some treatment. Scary stuff…

Here is the post
from Brian Del Vecchio's blog:

Today at about 11:00am the alarm went off in our building at One
Broadway in Kendall Square. This was followed by a panicky PA
announcement from the security desk that there was an emergency in the
building and everyone must evacuate. As we made our way down through the
crowded stairwells, thick smoke filled the tight space with that acrid
smell of burning electronics.

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