Good article about TechCrunch and Michael Arrington in Wired

I haven't seen anyone pointing to this article about TechCrunch and Professor Arrington, but it's very interesting. I remember when it was first starting and how he would write an unbelievable number of interesting and useful reviews about new products. Mike Arrington was a machine! Say what you will about him, TechCrunch is the labor of some extremely hard work:

"Of course, Arrington's success is about more than partying like a frat boy and schmoozing like a Hollywood agent at a cast party. With the exception of a three-week vacation (during which he worked half-time) at the end of 2006, he says he has worked every day for two years straight.

He gets up at about 10 or 11 am, is at his desk 10 seconds later, and tends to the business side of his operation until early evening, seeing entrepreneurs, doing phone interviews, tracking the news of the day, and writing posts. He's often at parties or other events until 10. It's typically not until 10 or 11 pm, when things quiet down, that he has time to think and write more thoughtful, analytical blog entries. "I've actually cut back," he says. " from TecCrunch Blogger Michael Arrington Can Generate Buzz

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