Very unscientific survey of online survey tools

Because of a couple of projects that I am working on, I thought I might be able to use some tool for an online survey. I have two particular requirements:

  1. respondents can be anonymous
  2. respondents are allowed to complete the survey in multiple sittings. In other words, they can go back to a form and continue where they left off.

I thought others might be trying to do the same thing so it would be nice to share my personal (non scientific) findings:

  • The three that seemed to come up in my web search are: Wufoo, SurveyMonkey and Zoomerang.
  • All three have a free option that allows a basic survey to be done and some basic reports to be produced
  • Wufoo is very pretty and fast. Sophisticated and easy to use interface. Elegant. My only problem was that my second requirement is not supported.
  • Zoomerang is a bit slow and did not support my second requirement either
  • SurveyMonkey was fast and flexible but not nearly as pretty and elegant and easy to use as WuFoo.
  • In fact, of the three, only SurveyMonkey has an option that would allow a respondent to come back and continue where they left off (my requirement)

For me, SurveyMonkey is the right choice.

form wufoo zoomerang surveymonkey