How many sources of video signal?

Netflix has a box to stream video into my living room. TIVO has a deal with Amazon to do the same. Blockbuster is just coming out with their set- top box. Check out this interesting option from Myka:

"The beauty of this box is that it takes the nerd-factor out of BitTorrent, giving you access to all the content (licit and illicit) available on the P2P network without requiring advanced skills. The Linux-based box connects to the TV using HDMI, composite, S-Video or SPDIF connectors and hooks up to your internet connection via ethernet or WiFi. An internal hard drive (80, 160 or 500 GB) takes care of storage, and all the user has to do is point the device's browser at a torrent tracker file and click." (from Wired)

Looks very interesting, especially in it's use of BitTorrent. I don't think it's shipping just yet, but worth looking into when it does. Read the wired article.

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