This post might have changed my mind

Scott Adams is the guy behind the famous Dilbert comics. I've not worked in a big corporation for a while and I've not been reading Dilbert for quite a while too. But Scott Adams remains a brilliant humourist. This post however, is not meant as humour:

Scott Adams Blog: I Hope My Father Dies Soon 11/23/2013:

I don't want anyone to misconstrue this post as satire or exaggeration. So I'll reiterate. If you have acted, or plan to act, in a way that keeps doctor-assisted suicide illegal, I see you as an accomplice in torturing my father, and perhaps me as well someday. I want you to die a painful death, and soon. And I'd be happy to tell you the same thing to your face.

Postscript: His Dad passed away a few hours after he wrote this