How well does higher ed prepare you as a ‘software engineer’?

This article is a bit harsh/one-sided, but I still thought it was interesting to see an attempt at comparing programming as practiced in two very different contexts.

What's the difference between college-level and corporate programming? | Ars Technica:

Programming in school and programming in the real world are so inherently different to the point where there's actually very little overlap. CS will prepare you for "real world" software development like athletics training would prepare an army for battle.

In a vaguely related article, think about this: In the modern economy/society, is learning to 'code' a fundamental piece of a good education? This article makes a good case that it is not:

Why Pushing People to Code Will Widen the Gap Between Rich and Poor

"So it's no surprise that we have so many people from Barack Obama (it "makes sense" for coding to be written into high school curricula) to NBA superstar Chris Bosh (it's "simply about understanding how the world functions") arguing everyone should learn to code -- and that coding ought to be a required part of a complete education. Starting really young, "because it is code, not Mandarin, that will be the true lingua franca of the future"