Dear Consumer Reports

From an email I sent, just because:

"Dear CU:

I bet you won't print this one! But maybe you can respond to me personally.

Check this out

CU itself is a bad actor when it comes to magazine subscription renewals.

I get misleading requests that my subscription is about to run out when it actually has months, as many as six months to go! And if I am not on my toes I could easily be fooled into a premature renewal and extension of my subscription.

This is a very misleading practice.

You say everyone does it, which is true. You say that it's part of your business model and it really works to maximize renewals, which is also true.

But it still very misleading bordering on deceitful and I bet you would call out another company for something similar or even less evil - for example, a simple typo in an advertisement which is a clearly sloppiness but not purposely deceitful.

What say you?

Pito Salas, longtime subscriber."