Aruba vs. Curaçao

I admit I am always a little bit offended when I hear that a friend of mine (François?) chooses Aruba as a vacation destination. And it happens pretty regularly. Oh I always say that the two islands are very similar, but the truth is that I've spent very little time in Aruba, so… Anyway, for those of you who want to explore this delicate topic more deeply I present to you:

Aruba versus Curacao: Caribbean Showdown - Curaçao Chronicle:

At first glance Aruba and Curacao seem very similar. They're both Dutch islands, they are about 75 miles apart from each other off of the coast of Venezuela and they even have most of the same cultural influences. But believe me; the two islands couldn't be more different. These differences aren't a bad thing; it's just that some travelers will prefer one over the other depending on the type of vacation experience they're looking for.