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Very cool new idea for travel web sites

You probably already follow TechCrunch but if you don't take a look at Flyspy, a very clever new idea for adding very useful information to booking flights online.

"The way it works is that I give it a departure city and a destination city and optionally a departure date and length of stay. The search result, which returns very quickly, will present me with a graph of flight prices over the next 30 days so that I can quickly look at which days are the cheapest to fly. To book a flight I just click on the point in the graph. Simple." (from "Flyspy Brings The New Web To Airline Ticketing")

Very cool! Technorati Tags: onlinetravel

Cartoon Madness

The Freakonomics blog often has good stuff in it, even if you haven't read the book, which also has good stuff in it.

"Mitai Sandy, a 29-year-old graphic artist and comic-book publisher in Tel Aviv, came up with the following solution: a new anti-Semitic cartoon contest, with the submissions drawn by Jews themselves. "We'll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published!" Sandy said. "No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!" (from "Applying the Old Incentive Switcheroo to Anti- Semitism")

Also see this and this. Technorati Tags: cartoon

Demo 2006 Note: Riya – Photo Sharing with Face Recognition

This one was probably one of the most talked about sites. The principle is, Flickr is nice, but no one really wants to take the time to tag. So instead, with Riya, after you upload your images, you can search for them based on who is in them and where they were taken. But the trick is that it uses image recognition to help you locate the pictures. Pretty impressive! Check out Riya.

Geek Dinner a great success!

6Bac19F6Bc For those of you who came, thanks for joining us. For those of you who didn't come, you missed out! I think we had about 30 people (but didn't count) and I met many new people which was great. It seems like these Geek Dinners are popping up all over, and makes us East Coast geeks feel like we actually exist! Thanks to my co-organizers Adam Green and Mark Doerschlag, RSS Labs, Bela Labovitch and Indigo Tabor for pitching in! And also thanks to Brian Del Vecchio for the photos! Technorati Tags: geekdinner

Optical illusion fun

I got this in an email, not sure exactly where it came from but it's pretty cool. The image looks like it's moving, doesn't it? But actually it's not an animation at all. It's your brain that getting its circuits scrambled. You know how you can tell? Just cover most of the image with your hands and look at a small part. It doesn't move. Amusing!

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