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Cracking the Facebook System

So we've all heard about Facebook but only the ones of us who have a .edu email address can get an account. This was a source of envy for me. Nose pressed against the glass , I wanted to get inside to see what was going on. But of course I graduated college and so, how to get a .edu address? Simple. Just call your College's Alumni department and generally they will be glad to issue you a .edu email address with which you can (legitimately) become a Facebook member. Yes, its for college students and alumni too! Technorati Tags: facebook

Why does anyone care about running Windows on the new Macs?

When you're a blogger it's sometimes a strain to say something new about a topic that's gone around and around. I am pretty sure you've seen the announcement from Apple that their next generation of Macintosh computers will use Intel processors. Other than the industry melodrama about Steve Jobs embracing the very chips that for years he insulted, and perhaps bemusement of how Steve got that Intel Exec to dress up in a silly white costume while Steve looked cool in his traditional black turtle-neck. But other than that, who cares that Mac's are now going to have "Intel Inside"? I mean for me it's kind of like finding out that next year's model car is switching to a Bosch electronic ignition from a GM model. There's also been a lot of commentary on whether the new Intel based Macs would run Microsoft Windows. One the one hand it's again a bit gossipy: "Would Apple bury the hatchet with Microsoft or would they spitefully prohibit (legally) or prevent (technically) this?" There's a more interesting strategic question there though. It relates to how Apple for years and years kept their software and hardware proprietary. Nobody but Apple could make Macs and no computers but Macs could run the Mac OS. This new development opens the door a crack , and if Windows could run on the new Macs, it would open even further. The next natural question would be, could Mac's OS X Operating System run on a Dell? Would Apple permit it? How about this one : It is conceivable to me that Windows Vista would run better on Apple hardware than any other. Now wouldn't that be a hoot? How could that happen? Better in the sense of more reliably and robustly. Not because Apple designs better hardware than Dell (although they might.) It could happen because Apple hardware is a lot more closed than PC compatible computers. The configurations that occur in the field are far more limited and well known. No old Acme Brand network cards or motherboards out there. Hence Microsoft (and Apple) potentially will be able to deliver a more solid solution when combining WIndows Vista with Intel based Macs. If Steve allows it. Technorati Tags: mac, intel, strategy

Push: An interesting looking new conference

I met Cecily Sommers at the Pop!Tech conference earlier this year. She heads up a new conference that I had read about previously, called Push. According to what I'd read, it was what Ted was 10 years ago or Pop!Tech was 2 years ago. Here's a pretty strong endorsement:

"PUSH jumped onto our schedule this year because of the enthusiasm of past attendees. Our sources were correct…(it was like) a "mini-Davos " located in Minnesota's Twin Cities, with a relentlessly diverse audience came from all over the world[…] We'll be back next year." (from Sam Perry, Conferenza Premium Reports)

And here's Shel Israel:

"PUSH is a brainfood conference. It gathers top-notched movers and thinkers like TED or PopTech. There are a few differences that I like. It has a smaller attendance and a lower price tag (which is lower still with a special offer)." (fromItSeemsToMe)

I haven't been myself but the web site looks quite intriguing. Cecily is cool. So, if you are thinking of going, you can use this discount code:


to save an additional $300 over the price on the site. Check it out. See you there! Technorati Tags: conference

Hello Google AdWords with FeedBurner

Interesting: I write in two blogs: this one and the BlogBridge blog. In this one, I have a much higher number of subscribers according to FeedBurner, but a much lower number of unique visitors. In the BlogBridge blog, it's just the opposite. So, just for the hell of it, I've enabled FeedBurner in-line ads for this blog. Let's see how it goes! Technorati Tags: feedburner, adwords

Tylenol meme

Amusingly, several posts on the wonders of Tylenol. Here's when we really run out of things to write about… Still, it's an opening for a little tidbit that I've had floating around my head, because, I too, am a Tylenol fan (actually not Tylenol itself but its generic version - Acetaminophen - available in various pharmacy store brands.) So, Tylenol fans, did you know that Tylenol overdose is a serious problem, and can actually cause death? It can literally kill you. And it's more common than you would think? Why? Because so many other over the counter medicines that you take for flu and colds already have a strong shot of Acetaminophen and so people lose track of the daily dose that they are actually taking. Check it out. Technorati Tags: acetaminophen, tylenol

[GEEK] What every Java programmer should know about Ruby

Heard a lot about Ruby? Ruby on Rails? Wonder what the heck it is? Here's a good intro.

"This is not yet another "Ruby is better than Java" article. Nor is it intended to bash Java or Java programmers. Rather, it is an attempt to aid Java programmers who are investigating Ruby by helping them quickly get over the "Writing Java in Ruby" syndrome and to discover the Ruby Way." (from "10 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know about Ruby")

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I am becoming a headhunter

No, just kidding, I am not. Some of my best friends are headhunters and I wouldn't want to compete with them. But I do often find out about people in my network who are looking for new positions and I try to connect them to those I know who are looking for new people. Recently another person emailed me saying they were looking for someone, and I realized that I might have lost track of what openings I know about. So - to those of you who know me personally - if you are hiring, feel free to send me an email so I can keep an eye out and connect you to candidates. No, I don 't charge a fee 🙂 Technorati Tags: jobs

Did Google Pack leave out Java?

A little while ago there was a lot of press about how Google and Sun were forming a partnership. In Sun's blurb about this they said: "As part of the agreement, Sun now includes the Google Toolbar as an option in downloads of the Java Runtime Environment from, Sun's showcase and portal for Java technology enthusiasts and developers" Ok, great. But what would Google do in return? My search through press releases didn't produce anything. The natural quid-pro-quo would be if Google in turn distributed the Java Runtime as part of something… Well the very natural "something" would be the newly announced "Google Pack", which many people are saying heralds the coming Google OS. Given all the stuff already in the Google Pack, it's gotta be a pretty big download. But looks as I can I don't see any mention of a Java Runtime as part of it. Pitty. That would have been a great opportunity! Technorati Tags: google, java